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Freshly printed tabletop miniatures and collectibles


Fantasy, sci-fi and much more!​

MegaSonicPunch supplies you with unusual ones

3D printed miniatures and collectibles from some of the best and most creative

3D designers in the tabletop sector - fresh to your home.

We have 3D printed figures, terrain and much more for you from the subject areas of fantasy, modern, historical, sci-fi and post-apocalyptic. We also have many Warhammer compatible miniatures, such as the Epic Terrain from GrimDark Terrain or the minis and vehicles from Tablehammer.
Everyone will find what they are looking for here.

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Accessories from A to Z are also part of our repertoire. Do you need a dice tower, a case for your dice or a battle map? Of course you will get it from us!

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Campaigns, Promotions and Sales

We always have promotions where you can save a lot.​

We have the MeSoPoints campaign for loyal customers, where you can collect points with every order and then exchange them for rewards later.

By the way, new customers get a €10 voucher* when they sign up for the newsletter!

Have fun shopping and saving.

* The minimum order value is 50 euros, the voucher cannot be combined with other vouchers!


Our printing service has started!

3D printing for every area of application!


Would you like to have miniatures or other items printed that we don't have in the shop?

No problem, use our new upload tool with configurator and we will send you an offer! -> Click here for the printing service

Huge selection

Countless tabletop miniatures and figures from the most creative designers are ready for your next adventure.
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Made to order​

We make everything to order, so sometimes delivery of your miniatures may take a few days longer. But we do our absolute best to deliver to you quickly.​

For the sake of the environment

We help the environment by using more environmentally friendly materials. Would you like to find out more?

Our concern

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* The minimum order value is 50 euros, the voucher cannot be combined with other vouchers!​

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