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Vlakir is a vampire who was a simple stable boy in his former life. The first decades of his transformation were characterized by carnage and a thirst for blood. Eventually, Vlakir met a traveler from a distant land called Okinja. This stranger claimed that they had learned to control their bloodlust by meditating in the monastery in their homeland. Eager to regain control of his life, Vlakir traveled to the foreign land of Okinja and tracked down the monastery where he trained for 30 years in the ways of the katana and self-control. The thirst for blood has not left him, but he is now much more in control. Feeling guilty for the suffering he had caused, he joined the lodge to try and balance the scales. Unfortunately, no other trapper was willing to work with a vampire. Except for Lilith's crew. Though he's not proud of it, he still needs blood to survive, though no one knows exactly how he gets it.The miniature has an overall height of 48mm in standard 1:52 scale (32mm) and comes with a matching base.

Vlakir Bastard Sword - Arcane Dragon And Trapper Pack

PriceFrom €4.99
  • The designer of this excellent model is The Dragon Trappers Lodge. We have their commercial license and are allowed to sell their printed models. If you want to know what they do, you can visit them on their Patreon page.

    If you would like to have models of the designer printed that we do not yet have in the store, please write to us. We can basically print any of the designer's models for you.

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