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About MegaSonicPunch

Or how to do what you love!

How nice it is to do something that brings joy - to yourself and to others.

That's why you like to get up in the morning and enjoy what you're doing.


My name is Thomas and I am a technical product designer. But above all, I'm a big nerd in all areas from technology to comics and movies.

3D printing has been a topic that fascinated me from the very beginning. To be able to design things myself and then also produce them, that convinced me right away.


After many years of 3D printing as a hobby, I decided to tackle the subject professionally. And what could be better than to produce 3D models of great figures and miniatures and bring them to the many people who also love this hobby so much?


At MegaSonicPunch you can get lots of great miniatures and collectible figures from some of the most creative designers in the tabletop field.

You can also get accessories like dice towers, dice boxes, game mats and much more.


We have acquired the respective licenses of the designers to sell their designs in print.


Since everything is produced to order, delivery may take a few days longer, but it's definitely worth the wait.


I hope the quality of these models inspires not only me, but also you and your friends.

Unser Anliegen

Our concern

Let's face it - our hobby consumes a lot of plastic.

In the production of miniatures and collectible figures, it is impossible to avoid using plastic. However, you can make sure to use a more environmentally friendly material and help the environment a bit.


Our resin for the miniatures is soy-based and biodegradable. This makes it much more environmentally friendly than conventional resin.

For our buildings and larger prints we use PolyTerra PLA. The material comes on recyclable cardboard rolls and is made from corn starch. The manufacturer plants an additional tree for each roll of material sold.

It is also more compostable than other PLA types. If you are interested in more detail, you can get more information from the manufacturer here:

Compostability PolyTerra


Also when shipping your order, it is important to us that it is as environmentally friendly as possible. Cardboard and tape are made of recyclable paper and the filling material is made of compostable corn flakes. We ship exclusively with DHL, who also focus on climate-neutral shipping with their GoGreen campaign. If you want to know more about this, you can find more information directly at DHL:

DHL GoGreen

Die Designer

The Designers

Dragon Trappers Lodge
Cast n Play
Black Blossom Games
Arctanis Games

... and many more designers are coming soon!

Tabletop Zubehör

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