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3D Print Service

You have miniatures that we do not have in our program?

We can print them for you. Just upload the files here and we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

You have 3D files that have nothing to do with the tabletop hobby?

Of course, we can also print them for you.


Examples of websites where you can get ready-made 3D models:

Thingiverse (Free)
Printables (Free)
MyMiniFactory (Free and Paid)
Cults (Free and Paid)
Gambody (Paid)

We have a lot of materials and colors for you to choose from.

You want the most detailed prints possible? These are best achieved in the SLA process with resin. We print 3D prints in the SLA process with a layer height of 0.025mm or 0.05mm.


 If you want larger prints, we recommend the FDM printing process with PLA, which is cheaper to produce and offers the best price-performance ratio.

If you need particularly stable prints, we can also print them in PETG. This is very durable and mechanically highly resilient. We can also print materials that are temperature resistant up to 160°C and flexible materials such as TPU in various degrees of hardness.

You have a special material request or wish a different color? Just write your wish in the appropriate field and we will see what is possible.

You can send us both STL and OBJ files. If you have a different file format, you can send us a message under contact and we will get in touch with you.

If you would like a Litophan of a photo, we can print that for you as well. Just send us your photo as JPG or PNG and we will convert it and send you a preview of your photo as a 3D print.











If you send us your files, please make sure beforehand that your files are properly attributed. It is best to include your last name in the file name.

If you want to have the file printed in a different size than the original size, then add the percentage value to the file name of the respective object. If you want different colors for the individual objects, this is of course also possible as a note in the file.

This could look like this, for example:


PLA color selection
PLA special colors
Litophane example MSP

The prints shown here are only examples and are not actively offered by us.

Layer height Resin


Your email address

Your name


Flexibility / Shore hardness TPU

Layer height FDM

Infill FDM




As described above, we can offer you many materials.

PLA is the most common plastic and is unbeatable in price and appearance. PETG is the best choice for more stable prints. We can also print heat-resistant and flexible materials. If you have a special request, feel free to enter it in the "Material request" field.



We have a lot of colors in stock, but we can also organize and print other colors for you. Just write your wish in the field "color request" and we will see if we can fulfill your wish.

Layer Height

Layer height 0,3mm
Layer height 0,2mm
Layer height 0,1mm

The layer height, as the name suggests, refers to the height of the individual layers of a print. In the FDM process, plastic sheets are placed on top of each other and, depending on the height, the result looks finer or coarser. With resin, it looks rather fine or very fine.


Tires made of flexible material

The Shore hardness of a flexible material is decisive for the flexibility of an object printed with it. Depending on the requirements, softer or harder materials can be used for printing. Just ask us which material we recommend for your project and together we will find the right one.

Fill Density

Fill densities from 10% to 90%

The filling of a print contributes to its stability. For decorative prints, a high filling density is not necessary. However, if an object is to be stable, a higher filling density is recommended. We will be happy to advise you on which filling is suitable for your project.

Additional information

File Upload

Please do not close or reload the page while uploading your files! The upload may take some time depending on the size of your files and is then completed with a confirmation message of your request.

If you want to send another request after the confirmation, just reload the page.

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