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Cast N Play has brought out a real eye-catcher with its new DeathXTiles series. The additional 10 Trap Tiles (Tile 61 to 70) make a visit to your dungeon even more exciting for your adventurers.

Each tile has a base area of 60x60mm and is divided into 4 fields for your minis. You have the choice between resin and PLA as the material for the Dungeon Tiles. Resin is much finer and the tiles are also heavier. With PLA you will be able to see the layers of the print in some places, but it is much cheaper.

There is also a magnetic base for the tiles that you can stick under the floor. Here too, you can choose whether you want the magnetic base in resin or PLA. There are also 4 5mm diameter sphere magnets included.

We have lots more terrain and minis in our store. Have a look around.

Dungeon Floor Spiked Grinder Trap Tile 065 - DeathXTiles

PriceFrom €3.49
  • The designer of this excellent model is Cast n Play with their new brand DeathXTiles. We have their commercial license and are allowed to sell their printed models. If you want to know what they are up to, feel free to visit them on their Patreon page.

    If you would like to have models of the designer printed that we do not yet have in the store, please write to us. We can basically print any of the designer's models for you

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