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Ezra has always had a reputation as a daredevil. Hailing from the distant lands of southern Stoika, Ezra had traveled thousands of miles in search of the most exotic places and the greatest thrills. On one of his expeditions, the ship he was on was attacked by a dragon. Many of the passengers were killed and many more injured. Ezra thought this was the end of him, but just as he was about to give up hope, the dragon catchers arrived. Marlow saved Ezra's life and Ezra believed that he was now in Marlow's debt for life. Marlow assured him that there was no debt to pay. However, Ezra insisted that he would accompany them as a member of the Lodge until he returned the favor and saved their lives too.The miniature has a total height of 44mm in standard 1:52 scale (32mm) and comes with the matching base.

Ezra - Coastal Quillback And Trapper Pack

PriceFrom €4.49
  • The designer of this excellent model is The Dragon Trappers Lodge. We have their commercial license and are allowed to sell their printed models. If you want to know what they do, you can visit them on their Patreon page.

    If you would like to have models of the designer printed that we do not yet have in the store, please write to us. We can basically print any of the designer's models for you.

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