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Takuma was always big as a kid. He joined the lodge after being caught cheating in a sumo match. He dishonored his name by greasing the mat before a match. He was young when he was banned from competition at only 18 and disowned by his strict parents, andit was Grandmother Snow who recognized him and his worth and welcomed him into the lodge.She saw that he was not dishonorable, just desperate for recognition. Often the dragons who cause trouble are small young dragons who are proud and unruly and have not gained the foresight and wisdom that comes with age. These young dragons are unpredictable, but the Lodge doesn't want to kill them.This is where Takuma shines. His size and strength allow him to bring the younger dragons to submission without doing any real damage, and he's a skilled fighter when he needs to be.The miniature comes with the matching base.

Sumo Takuma Club - Fire Dragon And Trapper Pack

PriceFrom 6,49 €
  • The designer of this excellent model is The Dragon Trappers Lodge. We have their commercial license and are allowed to sell their printed models. If you want to know what they do, you can visit them on their Patreon page.

    If you would like to have models of the designer printed that we do not yet have in the store, please write to us. We can basically print any of the designer's models for you.

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